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SR9009 Sarm Powder Stenabolic Canada

Stenabolic SR9009 sarm powder is a fast-acting muscle stimulant that promises to help those trying to gain weight. The difference between Stenabolic SR9009 and many other sarms is that it gives the muscles an added boost to help them recover faster after a workout. This product is so popular because it is a proven method of helping assist weight gain.


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SR9009 Sarm Powder Stenabolic

SR9009 SARM powder also known as Stenabolic, is a synthetic medication that acts as an agonist of REV-ERB, a protein involved in regulating the body’s circadian rhythm and metabolism [1]. Unlike typical SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators), SR9009 does not affect testosterone levels and so does not require post-cycle therapy.

According to Canada research, SR9009 sarm powder may provide a variety of benefits, including increased endurance, metabolism, and weight management. It has also been studied for its potential impact on anxiety and stress reduction, which may contribute to better mental health. However, while SR9009 sarm shows promise in a variety of areas, there may be some negative effects, such as an impact on muscle strength and lipid metabolism.


Molecular Formula: C20H24ClN3O4S

Molecular Weight: 437.9 g/mol

Size: 1 gram | 3 grams



SR9009 SARM powder has received attention for its ability to boost endurance by interacting with the body’s circadian rhythm and metabolism. Canada According to study, the research chemical SR9009 sarm powder may activate REV-ERB proteins, which are responsible for regulating mitochondrial activity and energy expenditure in skeletal muscles. By promoting the production of new mitochondria, SR9009 may boost the body’s capacity for aerobic respiration, resulting in greater endurance during physical activities [1].
This method promotes stamina, reduces tiredness, and improves overall athletic performance. However, it is crucial to note that, while Canada research studies have yielded encouraging findings, additional research is required to thoroughly understand the effects of SR9009 and authorise it for human use [2].

Weight Loss

According to Canada research, SR9009 may encourage the growth of new mitochondria, which are responsible for energy production and expenditure. By improving mitochondrial activity, SR9009 sarm powder may enhance energy usage, aiding in the elimination of stored fat and ultimately in weight loss. Furthermore, it may help to enhance glucose and lipid metabolism, which may have a good impact on body composition [3].

Increased Muscle Mass

Canada Clinical study indicates that SR9009 may interact with rev erb α proteins, which regulate metabolic processes like energy utilisation and muscle development. By regulating the expression of genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and oxidative metabolism, SR9009 sarm powder has the potential to stimulate skeletal muscle development and regeneration.

Furthermore, the compound’s ability to promote mitochondrial function in muscle cells may contribute to increased energy production and utilisation, thereby benefiting overall muscular performance and recovery. While preliminary Canada scientific studies in animal models have yielded encouraging findings, additional research is required to ascertain the full degree of SR9009’s effects on muscle mass in humans [4].


Although further Canada research is needed to determine the safety and efficacy of the selective androgen receptor modulator SR-9009 sarm powder before it is approved for human consumption, preliminary investigations have found that it may have the following benefits:

  • Fat burning causes weight loss.
  • Regulates circadian cycles.
  • Enhanced endurance, allowing folks to train out for longer periods of time or run greater distances.
  • Increased muscle mass.


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